Since 1990

Halvas Xristina

Our company Halvas “Xristina”starts its tradition at 1990 and goes on until today.

Through our long lasting history we have set in over Greece with our corporate headquarters in Ioannina.

Halvas Farsalon is one of the most popular halva in Greece with origins From Thessaly where our maternal origin is too.

Χαλβάς Φαρσάλων Ιωάννινα
Λουκούμια Σουτζουκ Λουκουμ Χαλβάς Χριστίνα


The company “Kalampoki Bros”produces halva loukoumia soutzouk loukoum all year round as there is a big demand on times of fast because of the use of oil instead of butter if needed.

Χαλβάς Φαρσάλων Χαλβάς χριστινα
χαλβας χριστινα ιωαννινα


Halvas is available in various pan sizes and weights

παραδοσιακος χαλβας φαρσαλων